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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Can various types of medical gas cylinders be stored comingled in the same storage room?

Medical Gas Cylinder Storage

Our explainationis as follows:

NFPA 99 does not prohibit various medical gas cylinders from being stored in the same room as long as flammable and non-flammable gasses are not comingled.  Typical medical gases whose storage can be comingled with oxygen include: Carbon Dioxide, Medical Air, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Helium, Argon, and Xenon. All criteria as specified in EC.02.05.09 applies as well as NFPA 99-2012 requiring full and empty cylinders to be segregated from each other.

As previously indicated, non-flammable medical gas cylinders cannot be comingled with; flammable materials, cylinders containing flammable gases, or containers containing flammable liquids. Typical flammable gases may include but are not limited to: Acetylene, Butane, Ammonia, Ethane, and Propane.  This prohibition is outlined in NFPA 99-2012;

Medical gas cylinders are also not allowed to be stored in an enclosure containing motor driven devices with the exception of cylinders intended for instrument air reserve headers that must comply with NFPA 99-2012; This reference can be found at NFPA 99-2012;  
The only other item that you must be aware of is that the storage unit storing these cylinders must be vented to the outside atmosphere.  And  you must chain the cylinders in two different areas, the top and the bottom of the cylinder.  Not touching one another, unable to clash should there be an earthquake.  And on the outside of the storage unit, there must be the signage that denotes the type of gases that are in the storage unit.  It must be posted to the outside door.  


Monday, March 4, 2019

New a solution for your outdoor generator needs with your Congregate Living Health Facility?

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