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Monday, February 25, 2019

Some good questions were recently asked of us, here are the responses to them.

Are curtains only required if it's a shared room?

Do trash cans in the bedroom need a lid? 

How many fire extinguishers shoukd we have in a 2500 sq. ft. Facility?

Are we required to have a sample medical record chart?

Do we need a stationary bike in a rehab room? We already have dumbells and parallel bars. 

Do we need a Pulmonary doctor?
we responded with:

correct curtains only if it is shared.  privacy is maintained with the door closed

trash can should always have lids.

it is one extinguisher per 600 sq ft.  roughly, you will need 4 rounded off to the lowest or you can round up to the five

samples medical record yes.

equipment for the rehab room is based on your type of patients you will admit.  based on your type, I would summons the PT company or person you are contracting with and have them prepare you a document of what your basic needs are for a rehab room in your facility.  since you are not a PT professional, I always err on the side of caution in making sure you have a professional do the assessment for you. With the state, you want to provoke their happiness with you in how you are going about and doing this like the rehab room.  getting a PT to prepare your order for equipment is the right way to do this and by doing this, you are demonstrating that you have the knowledge and understanding to realize you are not a multi-trained person in all fields of medicine and that you know how and when to ask for professional assistance.  in your governing body minutes, you should document this as an event of new business to gain time and points should you not have everything in from ordering should they come while you wait for back orders.

Ideally, your medical director would be a pulmonary doctor if you planned on having trached patients.  If not pulmonary then definitely a hospitalist.  But, again we are back to the basic question of what does your patient look like on paper.  

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