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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Where can you get some good data for your congregate living facility? Common question lately of owners...

Its not been too long ago, we began to notice an unusual amount of questions coming through the portals, asking where owners could get some good quality data on patient demographics based on diagnosis, location, type of facility, etc.

With this being the frequent numbers that were presenting themselves, we dove into finding the best solution possible for all our clients and potential clients of the future.  So, the final answer to our investigative work is the OSPD offices of California.  OSHPD stands for "OFFICE STATE HEALTH PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT".  We must confess though that this was not a big find, it was merely confirming that they do have the data most of you are asking for.  We gathered a lot of exposure to this company and the data they collect for the various law initiated mandates of gathering and reporting of this data.

 We have embarked upon many nice folks there at OSHPD and I feel you will be more than satisfied with the data and as always, be sure to put it to the best of use.

Hope this helps.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Department of Health wants a description of services you are offering for the license of your congregate health facility.

So, recently several clients have contacted me asking for the description that they are to use for the application in order to get their congregate living facility licensed by the state of California Department of Health Services. This is interesting in nature cause there is nothing about the need of this anywhere in documentation or regulations. So what do you do? Well, its clearly nothing to cause that big of a stir for in providing them. To make life easier, I have compiled on that you are more than welcome to use to assist you in preparing the one for your application. Mine, it goes something like this... "My facility, a congregate living health facility, will cater to the geographical area and community of __________________________, California. With the age range of patients being between xx - xx and having the skilled need to be appropriate to our company mission of __________________________________. We provide a level of clinical need that is not as aggressive as the Acute care Hospital, but much more skilled in the number of hours provided the patient than that of the typical nursing home, skilled nursing facility. Our patients are admitted long term to our facility for assistance in and around the clinical ventilator, respirator support having a trash to assist in breathing clarity and gastronomy tube for feeding. They may or may not need to have IV clinical support, but we can be administered based on our trained staff of Registered Nurses and Licensed vocational nurses that are certified to assist in the intravenous therapy for feeding and nutritional support and antibiotic therapies herein that may be necessary from time to time."

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