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Monday, October 13, 2014

New Tools to assist you at your success in owning a CLHF!

I am excited to report that I have three new tools for you to have, learn, study, and pat yourselves on the back for...  it has to do with a CLHF and your successes in owning your very own.  Check out these things I have, first things first...:

1.  The long over due, long awaited Profit and Loss statements in itemized format showing the revenues and the expenses of having a six bed facility in California.  This one is the private one of a client that has asked to remain incognito but, did not mind to share with you.  He has asked to keep private his name and facility.  Since there are several in the Lancaster region, its nearly impossible to figure this out unless you had some magic way of seeing between the lines.  LOL.  Here are the financials of the facility, known as a congregate health facility.  Enjoy!

2.  MediCal billing.  Oh the pain of your worries when it comes to this MediCal billing stuff.  I get it, its a big deal as its what pays you for your services.  Well, in my search, I came across a document that explains the codes and the fees of reimbursement a lot better than I have ever read and understood.  This document, it is worth your time and weight to take some time and read through it over some coffee and get some of your gray areas of concern, get them resolved once and for all.  It is very informative, it is about billing, codes, reimbursement, all for LTC (specifically CLHF).  

3.  OSHPD came out with some new numbers a few years back whereby the get into the baby boomers age groups and the excessive need for congregate living facilities and other types of LTC.  It is very well informative and explains details and numbers I never even knew we tracked.  So check out this summary of some investigative work of our state to understand our readiness for the aging baby boomers and our openness to having them in a LTC setting, see it and read it for yourselves.

So I leave you with some homework, its all great material.  Enjoy and I wish you all much success!

Troy Lair

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