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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

For your healthcare business, this online bookeeping software is AMAZING!

Freshbooks is amazing if you haven't tried it out before, here is the link that you can click on to get it for free trial and see what you think.  I was skeptical at first, having tried many of these before, but I really do like this one.  I thought it was worthy of my noting it for all of you.  Check it out here!

Monday, September 8, 2014

California Life and Safety Codes and Fire Codes pertaining to the Congregate Living Health Facility

Here are the items to be in full compliance to in order to achieve the fire marshall clearance and obtain your occupancy permits.  These are required in order for the application for state license to be be submitted for processing and surveys scheduled.  They are:

1)    Facility requires fire sprinklers – NFPA -13D when licensed for two or more bedridden patients
2)    Smoke alarms are required in all sleeping areas, outside each sleeping area and all habitable areas. (Exceptions: kitchen bathrooms, closets or storage rooms)
-       Shall get primary power from building wiring with a Generator of Natural Gas as your back-up.
-       Shall be electrically interconnected, preferably with an automatic transfer switch
-       Minimum 15db above ambient noise throughout facility
-       Replaced every 10 years
3)    Carbon Dioxide alarms required
4)    If facility plans to house any deaf patients now or in the future, strobe alarms are required. Not required if not housing deaf patients
5)    Minimum of two exits are required
6)    Corridor width shall be a minimum of 36 inches
7)    Floor surface shall be a slip resistant surface
8)    Mean of egress shall not pass through more than one intervening room.
9)    Exit access requirements shall have access to one of the following exit arrangements from sleeping rooms
-       Direct access from each sleeping room to the exterior. Exit door a minimum of 3 feet in width and 6 foot 8 inches in height. Doors shall open a minimum of 90 degrees and have 32 inches of clearance
-       Sleeping rooms through an adjoining sleeping room with direct exit
-       Sleeping room through the hallway serving the sleeping, which has an exit directly to the outside. Hallway shall be separated from the rest of the house by a wall and a 1 3/8” self-closing, solid core door.
10) No night latch, dead bolt, security chain or similar locking devices shall be used on sleeping rooms interior doors
11) Fire Extinguishers required, mapped on your emergency evacuation plans as you’ve already submitted.
12) Change in level shall meet the requirements of California Building Code Section 425.8.5
13)Some form of “green” initiative to promote Earth Conservation, a program whether small or large to make your footprint on society to be lessor than such a footprint without.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Maximizing your downtimes in a congregate living facility!

I get the questions asked all the time: How do we maximize our revenues to offset the cost of the downtime it takes to achieve the state license and Medi-Cal Certification?

1.  The downtime that you spend in waiting for your state license can also be used to finish your work on and around the home to prepare for survey.

2.  You should spend this downtime to also achieve branding opportunities with local and nearby hospitals.

3.  Request and execute a complete MediCal application.  No, you do not have to wait until you are state licensed to execute this application.  The location of the application that requests the license number, simply right in "pending licensing survey" and still fill it out and mail it in.  The MediCal offices will process it and will have it ready for when you get the license number, this license number once achieved, simply attach a copy of the license and a cover letter marrying the two (your license and your application) that has already been submitted.  This ensure the release of your MediCal provider number.

4.  Have all your contracted services files completed and ready for survey.

5.  Have your equipment bio-medical serviced, with stickers and print outs of the equipments condition readily available for the survey day.

6.  Make sure you have a dummy medical record prepared and ready for the survey.

7.  In regions of extreme hot and humid weather, it is very hard to prepare your space for patients to use the outside area.  So, one of the features that you can install that provides a much more hydrated feel and look for patients is to install some water misting types of systems or hand overhangs in the back yard to provide some much needed shade.

8.  Spend some time in labeling binders, organizing with labels the bins used for supplies that can be safely locked and/or covered for safe keeping and protection against theft and patient/family endangerment.

9.  Prepare your admissions packets, at least your six to ten packets preparing you for when the phone begins to ring with referrals.

10.  Marketing/branding/website creation.  It is not only the business standard these days, but it is also the best way to achieve free advertising, a good html based website.  It does not have to be anything fancy, a simple website.  But it needs to be effective.  Effective, I mean a html website.  Html websites are text based websites that can be seen by the crawlers at night when they crawl the www. looking for new content in websites to make it easier to find you and what it is you do.   The next thing you need to know is that flash websites are not recognized by the crawlers other than the image file that they truly are.  If you want to be seen and found in search engines, you must follow these rules I stated above.  Otherwise, you will not be located, branded, nor marketed in your line of business in that no organic pollination will occur and your being seen will have to be issued by Google's CPC program whereby you will spend thousands of dollars to achieve what you should have gotten for free.

Call the author, Troy Lair, PhD if you have any further questions or concerns with this blog or article.  Thank you. 

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